Pleasant Valley Beef – Natural beef from our family to yours

Give your family the best. Our beef is “True Natural”: cattle that are raised on a strict all-vegetarian diet and are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones commonly used to promote faster growth and weight gain. These Central Utah mountain valley cattle grow naturally on a stringent regimen of fresh water, barley, grass and hay.

They never receive any animal by-products or beef tallow in their diet. Just good, clean natural beef tended by real cowboys on the open range or home in the pasture. The way cows were meant to be raised. Strict adherence to environmentally sound practices and unsurpassed humane treatment of the cattle guarantees great flavor, tenderness and personal satisfaction for our customers.

Here are recent comments from our customers:
“My wife and I love your beef, we ran out not too long ago, it was a sad day. Thank you, your products are excellent.” (LH)

“My family ate the first steaks tonight. Your product is really great. The difference between your beef and beef purchased at Costco or Albertsons are miles apart. I hope to purchase more beef from you in the future. The drive from California is worth it.” (PC)

“Best damn beef. Period.” (RF)

“How wonderful to be able to purchase directly from an American rancher like my grandparents did. I never knew what I was missing with grocery store beef; your beef is so much more flavorful! You can bet that we will purchase from you again, and we look forward to being customers of Pleasant Valley Beef for years to come.” (SB)